The 10 Commandments of Business Writing

The 10 Commandments of Business Writing

No stone tablets. Just 10 insights to supercharge your writing at work. | taught by Paul Jones
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Course Curriculum

Welcome to the 10 Commandments of Business Writing
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Commandment #1: Thou shalt not use words like ‘thou’ nor ‘shalt’.
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Commandment #2: Answer thy reader’s biggest prayer first
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Commandment #3: Waffley writing is an 
abomination unto readers
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Commandment #4: Selfishness is sinful
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Commandment #5: Know thy reader
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Commandment #6: Thou must believe!
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Commandment #7: God rested on the 
seventh day. Readers want to rest every day
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Commandment #8: Correctness is next to Godliness
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Commandment #9: Lift thine eyes to the sky
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Commandment #10: Read the word
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Course description

Blind spots in your communication style can kill your reputation and productivity. Get fewer, and slower, replies, and you'll get a lot less done.

Maybe that's why Bloomberg's Job Skills Report (2016) showed recruiters rank communication skills above EVERY OTHER SKILL for almost every industry.

And the highly educated aren't immune. They often write too academically, which is the kiss of death to clarity and efficiency at work.

But relax — our '10 Commandments of Business Writing' short course will SAVE you, brothers and sisters!

(You'll even get a funky infographic, reminding you of the principles.)

Already done our training?

Come and refresh your memory of what best-practice communication looks like.

HR/L&D Leaders

Here's a fast way to upskill your people. Ask your 'people who lead' to send 'people in need'.

What you'll learn

We'll cover the 10 Big Ones — critical keys to getting impact on the page.

It might be a stretch to say it's a mini comms degree. But you will learn a broad range of principles that, if ignored, will hamstring you every time, including how to:

  • Be clear and concise
  • Engage disinterested people
  • Trigger readers to action
  • Get your message across to busy skim-readers
  • Avoid embarrassing mistakes.

So you think you can write?

Sure you can. But just in case, take a little test:

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Paul  Jones
Paul Jones
Dot-Connector, Idea Injector, BS Rejector

Your course instructor is corporate communications expert Paul Jones.

Paul is a leading speaker, trainer and writer on the topic of corporate communications. He's a founder and director of Magneto Communications and Credosity.

With a background as a copywriter (20 years) and corporate comms trainer (12+ years), Paul's secret sauce lies in applying copywriting psychology to business writing.

Through his keynotes, masterclasses and webinars, his principles have inspired thousands of people to:

  • engage their readers
  • persuade them
  • build credibility
  • communicate quickly and clearly.

He's helped CXO teams through to graduates change how they write, think and lead at work.

His blue-chip client list includes NAB, Westpac, BHP, Optus, IBM and Clayton Utz.

'The team was very impressed by the course, the content and Paul. They're a difficult bunch to impress, so please take this as a compliment of the highest order. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Paul and Magneto.' 

-- Group Finance & Corporate Affairs, Suncorp

Paul's engaging, interactive approach makes his courses fun, fascinating and effective. It's why thousands of people have finished his training and couldn't wait to go back to work and write.

Business writing ... fun? Yep. His enthusiasm for communications, psychology and human behaviour is contagious. It results in rich training, with frequent stories, many before/after examples and memorable insights.