"Best program ever. High energy facilitator."

Board Paper Brilliance graduate, Risk team, Big 4 bank

"Best program ever. High energy facilitator. Effective writing for influence and impact - how to get your point across and ensure audience engaged. Also useful for verbal communication delivery."

About this course

Be strategic

Board Paper Brilliance lasers in on writing clear, concise, readable and actionable papers for your board or leadership team. You’ll learn how to quickly, clearly and professionally get your messages across to even the busiest people.

Who is this course for? 

Enterprise teams who regularly write board papers.

Learning outcomes 

  • Present ideas in way that helps business leaders think through critical issues and make sound decisions based on well-researched logic. 
  • Confidently and efficiently write papers that cut through the noise, accommodate a range of thinking styles and drive business improvement. 
  • Apply a selection of powerful communication tools to ensure your board papers are clear, concise and actionable.

What's included: 

  • Five hours of highly engaging video training (+ up to two hours of learning exercises) focused on boosting your results at work 
  • Comprehensive, full-colour reference manual rich with proven writing ideas, principles and techniques 
  • Access to Credosity, our powerful, online, business-writing tool. It helps measure the behavioural change. It's also an excellent way to help embed your training. 
  • Ample practical, real-world exercises to apply your new skills.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    WELCOME: Let's set you up for success

    • YOUR DIGITAL WORKBOOK for 'Board Paper Brilliance'

    • Welcome to 'Board Paper Brilliance'

    • About us: Magneto Communications & Paul Jones (co-founder)

    • Get ready! Have these handy during the training

    • Quick checklist: How to maximise your learning

    • Communication is critical: Here's why!

    • Your learning goals

    • Why your process matters (& you can't unfry an egg!)

    • Your board-paper writing process: Prepare > Organise > Write

    • Tell us about you and what will help most

    • Pencils poised? Ready to go?

  • 2

    IN A NUTSHELL: The Big Six of Brilliant Board Papers

  • 3

    MODULE 1: Prepare

  • 4

    MODULE 2: Organise

    • Are you telling or selling? Informing or Persuading?

    • Think like a journo

    • 'Big news first' work-related exercise: First go

    • The Hourglass Structure

    • Key-points list

    • Minto's Pyramid Principle

    • 'Big news first' work-related exercise: Second go

    • Leadership through influence, not authority

    • The ROPED Method for problem-solving writing

    • Rhetorical Proofs

    • Persuasion: Quick frameworks

    • Persuasion: Six-step model

    • The Art of Framing

    • Six ways to frame your message

    • Difficult messages

    • Writing frames & templates: Your board-paper blueprint

  • 5

    MODULE 3: Write

  • 6

    WRAP UP: Revise, Retain, Apply

    • Make it stick: Revise, Retain, Apply

    • What next for you?

    • Your feedback: Got a minute? We'd love to hear your thoughts