Communications Wisdom: Dan Ariely

Communications Wisdom with Dan Ariely

In conversation with NY Times bestselling author and behavioural-economics professor, Dan Ariely | taught by Paul Jones

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We were thrilled when Dan Ariely agreed to our interview.

For us, as corporate comms trainers and creators of ‘business-writing’ software, his books are some of our ‘bibles’.

Those, his TED talks, and even his game are fascinating, because, well, human behaviour is fascinating. Become a better psychologist, and you become a better communicator, leader, follower, parent and person.

His theme is irrationality: You’re nowhere near as rational as you like to think.

So how does a guru of behavioural economics view communication? Does having a deep understanding of irrationality change how you should connect, engage and persuade people? The answer is YES.

To hear how, watch this video (mainly audio). It’s only 15 minutes long. Or you could read the transcript included. But it’s much nicer to hear Dan’s intonations as he speaks.

A rational person would say, ‘I can’t afford 15 minutes.’

But if you stop and listen, you’ll hear the irrational (real) you saying, ‘To hell with it; I’m not missing this.’



Paul  Jones
Paul Jones
Dot-Connector, Idea Injector, BS Rejector

Your course instructor is corporate communications expert Paul Jones.

Paul is a leading speaker, trainer and writer on the topic of corporate communications. He's a founder and director of Magneto Communications and Credosity.

With a background as a copywriter (20 years) and corporate comms trainer (12+ years), Paul's secret sauce lies in applying copywriting psychology to business writing.

Through his keynotes, masterclasses and webinars, his principles have inspired thousands of people to:

  • engage their readers
  • persuade them
  • build credibility
  • communicate quickly and clearly.

He's helped CXO teams through to graduates change how they write, think and lead at work.

His blue-chip client list includes NAB, Westpac, BHP, Optus, IBM and Clayton Utz.

'The team was very impressed by the course, the content and Paul. They're a difficult bunch to impress, so please take this as a compliment of the highest order. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Paul and Magneto.' 

-- Group Finance & Corporate Affairs, Suncorp

Paul's engaging, interactive approach makes his courses fun, fascinating and effective. It's why thousands of people have finished his training and couldn't wait to go back to work and write.

Business writing ... fun? Yep. His enthusiasm for communications, psychology and human behaviour is contagious. It results in rich training, with frequent stories, many before/after examples and memorable insights.

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In conversation with: Dan Ariely – Communications Wisdom
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