About this webinar

Revive your presentations!

Do your PowerPoint decks get the response you'd like? 

Make sure they're awesome, not awful! Not only do senior managers judge you by them, but they're often the gateway to your projects going ahead or winning new business. 

This one-hour webinar will show you how to revive yours with CPR: 

CLEAR – Breathe life into your presentations; make them clear, engaging and uncluttered. 

PERSUASIVE – Heart massage for your audience -- generate emotion, tell stories, make it relevant, inspire action. 

RESPONSE – Make your presentation stand out from the crowd, make your points memorable, convince your audience to listen up, step up and respond to your ideas. 

You'll learn: 

  • Four common mistakes people make when developing PowerPoint presentations
  • Copywriting techniques to engage half-interested audiences
  • How to help busy, distracted people absorb your key messages
  • Tips to motivating people to action
  • Smart slide layouts that tune people in, not out
  • How to design slides for people sitting in your presentation, AND for those who'll read your deck later (one size doesn't fit all).

Course curriculum

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    [Webinar] CPR for Powerpoint

    • CPR for Powerpoint