"... an amazing course filled with useful tools & techniques ..."

Get It Write Online graduate

"Overall it's an amazing course filled with useful tools and techniques that can be easily applied day to day. I didn't feel like it was any less engaging than being in the room with Paul. Other positives:

  • Paul is super engaging and very knowledgeable.
  • Exec summaries at the end of each video. 
  • Practical examples that bring concepts to life.
  • Valuable opportunities to apply learnings as you go.
  • Online platform is easy to use and navigate."

About this course

Business writing, meet copywriting psychology

Get it Write™ is the product of 18+ years corporate training in Australia and the Asia-Pacific, and over 25 years copywriting experience.

In that time, we've analysed over 20,000 corporate writing samples, and seen very clear patterns. We know what you're doing wrong, and what you're not doing, but could, to seriously boost your results!

This is a principle-based course. That allows you to apply the principles to a wide variety of business-writing tasks:

  • Emails
  • Reports
  • Proposals
  • Board and executive papers
  • Instructions
  • Policies and procedures
  • And more

Being principle-based also lets you apply the comms insights you learn (e.g. how to get attention, engage, motivate and more) beyond the page, in your meetings, presentations, pitches and more. This is really a course in communications psychology and leadership, not just writing.

Get it Write™ will increase your confidence as a writer and all-round communicator. You'll learn the essentials of high-quality communication, including how to write faster, better, and look more professional -- all of which can dramatically boost your effectiveness at work. 

Who is this course for?

Get it Write™ is for everyone who writes important messages at work. If you need to efficiently create or edit easy-to-read, high-quality, engaging documents and emails, this is for you.

Learning outcomes

By the end of this course you'll be able to:

  • confidently tackle most business-writing tasks
  • apply a selection of powerful writing tools to ensure your emails, proposals, reports and more are concise, engaging and professional -- and more persuasive
  • understand all critical business-writing concepts
  • improve your writing performance at work.

Workshop topics include how to:

  • Write professionally and respectfully for different readers
  • Adjust your tone to suit your audience and message
  • Identify the right language, length and style to boost engagement

  • Brainstorm quality content quickly
  • Write factual, informational content, e.g., emails, reports, instructions and procedures
  • Write concisely and clearly

  • Persuade people through your writing; get ‘yes’ more often
  • Structure large documents
  • Get attention with ‘read-me!’ subject headers, headlines and subheads

  • Use the ‘active voice’ to get more impact
  • Look professional with correct spelling, punctuation and grammar
  • Use layout and formatting to catch skim readers, and make your content fast and easy to absorb
  • Edit and proofread for content, style and correctness.

What's included:

  • Five hours of highly engaging video training (+ up to two hours of learning exercises) focused on boosting your results at work
  • Comprehensive, full-colour reference manual rich with proven writing ideas, principles and techniques
  • Ample practical, real-world exercises to apply your new skills.

Get It Write™ Online

Course content

    1. YOUR DIGITAL WORKBOOK for 'Get it Write'

    2. Welcome to 'Get it Write Online'

    3. About us: Magneto Communications & Paul Jones (co-founder)

    4. Get ready! Have these handy during your training

    5. Quick checklist: How to maximise your learning

    6. Communication is critical: Here's why!

    7. Too smart for your own good?

    8. Your learning goals

    9. Why your process matters (& you can't unfry an egg)

    10. Your new writing process: Prepare >> Organise >> Write

    11. Tell us about you and what will help most

    12. Are you ready?

    1. Mindset: Your attitude & approach

    2. Set your objective: Why are you writing?

    3. Your focus: Distractions are evil

    4. Your momentum: Beat procrastination & writer's block

    5. Audience research: Get in sync with how they think

    6. Persuading by personality

    7. What's in it for me?

    8. Engaging busy readers: It's about time!

    9. Bring numbers to life

    10. Revision quiz for Module 1: PREPARE

    1. Are you telling or selling? Informing or persuading?

    2. Big news first

    3. 'Big news first' work-related exercise: First go

    4. Think like a journo

    5. The hourglass structure

    6. Key-points list

    7. Correct sequence

    8. Reports: The bits managers read (& ignore)

    9. Minto's Pyramid Principle

    10. The ROPED Method for problem-solving writing

    11. 'Big news first' work-related exercise: Second go

    12. Persuasion: Quick frameworks

    13. Persuasion: Six-step model

    14. Persuasion at your fingertips

    15. Difficult messages

    16. Compelling headlines

    17. Revision quiz for Module 2: ORGANISE

    1. Rubber hits the road – Welcome to the 'Write' module

    2. The Curse of Cognitive Load

    3. Magneto Poker: Can you Beat the House?

    4. Complexity kills trust

    5. Cognitive load: Death by 1000 cuts

    6. Let 'Brother of the Watch and Fellow Kings Man' remind you of the Power Of Simplicity

    7. RAZOR: Five ways to cut it at work

    8. Razor 1: Are you being too detailed?

    9. Razor 1: Are you too wordy?

    10. Razor 2: Active voice

    11. Razor 3: Zero nominalised verbs

    12. Razor 4: One idea per sentence

    13. Sins of the Flesch

    14. Razor 5: Regular, natural language

    15. Confusing to clear: What a transformation!

    16. Tone: Sounds good

    17. Grammar (not your nanna)

    18. Punctuation prowess

    19. Spelling: Cheque for moo steaks

    20. Lousy layout loses readers

    21. Tables, charts & graphs: Presenting data

    22. A picture = 1000 words

    23. Proofreading: Have no regerts

    24. Revision quiz for Module 3: WRITE

    1. Make it stick: Revise, Retain, Apply

    2. What next for you?

    3. Your feedback: Got a minute? We'd love to hear your thoughts

About this course

  • $295.00
  • 66 lessons
  • 5 hours of video content


  • Awesome training. The content was extremely helpful and your sense of humour kept me fully engaged throughout the sessions.

    Manager, Lending Services,
    Suncorp Group

  • This was the best writing course - and the best online course - I've ever done. I did your session after an all-night flight (awake 30 hours straight), and you still held my attention the whole time.

    Niel Jacobsen
    Dane Consulting

  • So pleased I chose you instead of going to a two-day course where I would possibly have gone to sleep. Very engaging!

    Economic Development Officer,
    Queensland Government

Power tip

Invite a 'study buddy'.

If you can find a friend or colleague who'd like to do the training with you, you're both much more likely to finish the course. It also lets you discuss issues together, deepening your learning.

Your instructor

Paul Jones
Dot-Connector, Idea Injector, BS Rejector

Your course instructor is corporate communications expert Paul Jones.

Paul is a leading speaker, trainer and writer on the topic of corporate communications. He's a founder and director of Magneto Communications and Credosity.

With a background as a copywriter (25 years) and corporate comms trainer (18+ years), Paul's secret sauce lies in applying copywriting psychology to business writing.

Through his keynotes, masterclasses and webinars, his principles have inspired thousands of people to:

  •     engage their readers
  •     persuade them
  •     build credibility
  •     communicate quickly and clearly.

He's helped CXO teams through to graduates change how they write, think and lead at work.

His blue-chip client list includes NAB, Westpac, BHP, Optus, IBM and Clayton Utz. 

'The team was very impressed by the course, the content and Paul. They're a difficult bunch to impress, so please take this as a compliment of the highest order. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Paul and Magneto to others wanting a professional writing course.' 

-- Group Finance & Corporate Affairs, Suncorp

Paul's engaging, interactive approach makes his courses fun, fascinating and effective. It's why thousands of people have finished his training and couldn't wait to go back to work and write. 

Business writing ... fun? Yep. His enthusiasm for communications, psychology and human behaviour is contagious. It results in rich training, with frequent stories, many before/after examples and memorable insights.