About this webinar

Getting buy-in from senior decision-makers

No matter how good you are at your job, if you can't get senior managers to approve your proposals and projects, you're sunk. 

You could waste months working on projects that they simply veto. Then you waste weeks reworking them to try to get them over the line. And when the boss finally gives it the tick, the market's changed and the project is no longer relevant. 

Wasting your time = wasting your life. Reclaim it! 

In this one-hour webinar, you'll learn: 

  • How senior leaders think 
  • Strategies for getting decision-makers on side 
  • Subtle and not-so-subtle approaches 
  • When to write and when not to 
  • How to use the universal 'influence' principles to get your way 
  • How to leverage the small window of power you have when someone says 'no' to you 
  • An unusual technique to boost how confident you sound on the page.


This webinar is for anyone who has to get senior decision-makers to say 'yes,' whether inside or outside your company. 

If your work and career depend on getting approvals from someone else, tune in!

Course curriculum

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    Webinar - Influencing up

    • Influencing Up- How to get buy-in from senior decision-makers

    • Incognito Influence