About this course

Be trusted

The Influential Communicator teaches principles of trust and influence you can apply on the page and face to face.

Who is this course for? 

Leaders and their teams who need to communicate in a variety of ways. These include writing, presenting and when meeting internal or external clients.

Learning outcomes 

  • Communicate with impact: Deliver clear messages that get attention and agreement 
  • Influence others: Affect others’ opinions and decisions 
  • Confidently adapt to a range of people, mediums and scenarios.

What's included: 

  • Five hours of highly engaging video training (+ up to two hours of learning exercises) focused on boosting your results at work 
  • Comprehensive, full-colour reference manual rich with proven writing ideas, principles and techniques 
  • Access to Credosity, our powerful, online, business-writing tool. It helps measure the behavioural change. It's also an excellent way to help embed your training. 
  • Ample practical, real-world exercises to apply your new skills.

The Influential Communicator Online

Course curriculum

    1. YOUR DIGITAL WORKBOOK for 'The Influential Communicator'

    2. Welcome to 'The Influential Communicator'

    3. About us: Magneto Communications & Paul Jones (co-founder)

    4. Get ready! Have these handy during your training

    5. Quick checklist: How to maximise your learning

    6. Why communication is so important

    7. Your course overview: The two key modules we will cover

    8. Tell us about you and what will help most

    9. Start your engines! Let's go. Time to dive in.

    1. Your attitude: The most powerful platform for influencing

    2. Leadership through influence, not authority

    3. Influence triggers: Small changes, big difference

    4. Becoming a trusted advisor

    5. Building trust: Credibility

    6. Building trust: Reliability

    7. Building trust: Self-orientation

    8. Building trust: 'Intimacy'

    9. The Trust Equation

    10. Stakeholder engagement: Persuading by personality

    11. The upsides of difficult (awkward but necessary) conversations

    12. Keeping your cool when things get heated

    13. Listening with your whole brain

    14. The assertiveness continuum

    15. A smart framework for the tough stuff

    16. BONUS MODULE: The Art of Framing

    17. BONUS MODULE: Six ways to frame your message

    1. Too smart for your own good?

    2. The curse of cognitive load

    3. Complexity kills trust

    4. Cognitive load: Death by 1000 cuts

    5. Let 'Brother of the Watch and Fellow Kings Man' remind you of the Power Of Simplicity

    6. RAZOR: Five ways to cut it at work

    7. Razor 1: Are you being too detailed?

    8. Razor 1: Are you too wordy?

    9. Razor 2: Active voice

    10. Razor 3: Zero nominalised verbs

    11. Razor 4: One idea per sentence

    12. Sins of the Flesch

    13. Razor 5: Regular, natural language

    14. Confusing to clear: What a transformation!

    15. The golden rule of informing: Big news first

    16. 'Big news first' work-related exercise: First go

    17. Think like a journo

    18. Engaging Busy Readers: It's about time!

    19. 'Big news first' work-related exercise: Second go

    1. Make it stick: Revise, Retain, Apply

    2. What next for you?

    3. Your feedback: Got a minute? We'd love to hear your thoughts

About this course

  • $295.00
  • 48 lessons
  • 4 hours of video content

Your instructor

Paul Jones
Dot-Connector, Idea Injector, BS Rejector

Your course instructor is corporate communications expert Paul Jones.

Paul is a leading speaker, trainer and writer on the topic of corporate communications. He's a founder and director of Magneto Communications and Credosity.

With a background as a copywriter (20 years) and corporate comms trainer (12+ years), Paul's secret sauce lies in applying copywriting psychology to business writing.

Through his keynotes, masterclasses and webinars, his principles have inspired thousands of people to:

  •     engage their readers
  •     persuade them
  •     build credibility
  •     communicate quickly and clearly.

He's helped CXO teams through to graduates change how they write, think and lead at work.

His blue-chip client list includes NAB, Westpac, BHP, Optus, IBM and Clayton Utz. 

'The team was very impressed by the course, the content and Paul. They're a difficult bunch to impress, so please take this as a compliment of the highest order. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Paul and Magneto to others wanting a professional writing course.' 

-- Group Finance & Corporate Affairs, Suncorp

Paul's engaging, interactive approach makes his courses fun, fascinating and effective. It's why thousands of people have finished his training and couldn't wait to go back to work and write. 

Business writing ... fun? Yep. His enthusiasm for communications, psychology and human behaviour is contagious. It results in rich training, with frequent stories, many before/after examples and memorable insights.