About this webinar

Hike your proposal 'hit' rates

If you can’t sell yourself in writing, kiss new business (and maybe your career) goodbye. A poorly-written proposal relegates you to the 'also-rans' pile, while a truly compelling one sells you before they even see you. 

In this recording of an interactive webinar you’ll learn five persuasive writing keys crucial to hiking your 'hit' rates: 

  1. What really motivates readers to act 
  2. The three-letter word that increases readership 2-3 times 
  3. A powerful tool to capture interest, build rapport and avoid waffling 
  4. The technique journalists use to get their message across to time-strapped readers 
  5. How to structure your pitches and proposals to keep readers reading.

Who this is for? 

This is for anyone who writes proposals for either internal audiences (e.g. asking your boss to approve a project) or external audiences (e.g. pitching for business). If you getting 'yes' to your proposals is important to you, get viewing!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Webinar - Pitching on Paper

    • Pitching on Paper

    • Incognito Influence

    • 10 Commandments of Business Writing