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Get Opened, Get Actioned, Get Control

Far from enhancing productivity, half your day can easily slip down your inbox’s throat. Email should make you more productive, not less. But is that your experience? If you're like most people, email rates high on your 'scourge of humanity' list. 

This practical, interactive seminar reveals a professional copywriter's insights into how to write more effective, more persuasive emails. 

You'll also learn powerful keys to efficiently managing your email from productivity expert, Dermot Crowley (adapttraining.com.au). 

Paul will cover: 

1. Get Opened: How to write irresistible “Read me!” subject headers; use the Preview Pane to your advantage; what to know about your reader before clicking “send”. 

2. Get Actioned: Get more kick from your keyboard (persuading via email); structuring and presenting emails for clear, fast communication -- including insights from behavioural economics; a good email’s a short email (how to be brief). 

Dermot will cover: 

3. Get Control: How to master your inbox and time; key strategies to help you get to Inbox Zero and stay there (yes, it's possible); the systems you need to do the right work at the right time. 


Award-winning copywriter & corporate writing trainer, Paul Jones, and email-productivity expert, Dermot Crowley, whose clients include Deloitte, KPMG and CBA.

Course curriculum

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    [Webinar] Tame the Email Beast

    • Video Recording: Tame the Email Beast